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Young Artist

Christabel Liew Zhi-Wei

Christabel Liew Zhi-Wei started her musical journey with Yamaha Ammonite Music School when she was 4 years old. Ever since she started, she shows tremendous interest in various musical instruments. At 5 years old, she started her private piano and electone lesson, and her skill was further enhanced when she was 7 years old.Christabel has participated in various piano competitions since 7 years old.In 2019, she won First Prize from ABRSM High Scorers' Competition, and she successfully brought home with her the Grand Prix Award of Yamaha Electone Festival 2019. In 2020, due to Covid 19 pandemic, she started her experience for online competition. She was the First Prize winner for QuebecMusic Online Competition 2020, Canada and she is the Finalist of UCSI International Piano Festival & Competition 2020.

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RuiDuo Siobhan Ae

RuiDuo Siobhan Ae, 9 years old, began her piano study at the age of 5 and currently studying under Professor Armen Babakhanian. RuiDuo has shown tremendous improvement, both technicality and musicality, under the inspirational tutelage of Professor Babakhanian. She had won multiple awards in piano competitions, which includes the 1st prize of Junior Solo Category in the 1st Harmonium OnlinePlus International Piano Competition. Besides piano playing, RuiDuo has a strong passion for art. She likes to draw, paint and sketch during her free time, and the needed imagination and creativity in art complemented her musical expression.

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