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“…Mr. Babakhanian’s great strength is the phenomenally rich and substantial sound he draws from the piano
New Yorker

"...Armen Babakhanian was pure and simple, the over-whelming talent….Every time he played, he demonstrated that he had something important to say and the technique with which to say it. His performances had a way of sweeping previous interpretations out of one’s mind…”
James Keller


Piano & Keyboard Magazine

“…Imagination and phenomenal pianistic knowhow….he played Mussorgsky’s Pictures at Exhibitions so colorfully and subtly nuanced that one would think Ravel need not have orchestrated this composition…”
Suddeutsche Zeitung

“…His energy is vibrant, his tone color individual and he has a fondness for decisively delivered personal interpretative gestures….. There’s an undeniable over-the-top quality in the playing of Armen Babakhanian, a very resourceful, big-toned, assertive player…”
The Irish Times


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